thebborganics is a modern Aesthetic space, that is prioritized according to the needs of the skin.

We value client relationships, so your journey begins with a consultation and mutual decisions based on individual needs, providing customized anti-aging and skin health plan for each client. Our medical cosmetic treatments are performed by our highly trained and experienced medical nurses.

Betul Adiguzel, Master Aesthetician, founder and CEO of thebborganics created in 2018.

Betul entered medical aesthetics by working in Europe with plastic surgeons over 20 years. She holds many certificates in the beauty industry and takes the time to study every year in Europe the newest procedures, equipments and products that will best work for her clients. Attending many operations, she was able to see other ways of facial procedures. She also immerses in the knowledge and cultural tradition of Homeopathic medicine and traditional Ayurveda oils which is why with her knowledge she created thebborganics products that helps many people with their skin conditions. She is a high believer that the body works together, the gut, brain and skin are a big part of her and her clients health.

Our knowledge shows that everything we need is already within us. Being happy and finding the true beauty is inside us, she believes that, that is the most important part of her and her clients journey.