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Hair Removal – Sciton® BBL™

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Sciton® BBL™ uses intense pulsed light to target specific structures such as hair follicles. Those with lighter skin types can benefit from the permanent hair reduction achieved with Sciton®  BBL™. The BBL™ (or BroadBand Light) therapy targets hair follicles with intense pulsed light. Hair removal with BBL™ Laser is painless and requires little to no recovery time. 

BBL™ Laser Hair Removal is a quick and safe alternative to conventional hair removal. Brief bursts of light energy are applied to the skin using the hair removal laser’s BBL applicator. Because a high rate of light energy repeatedly passes through the hair follicles, the procedure is fast, safe, and comfortable. 

Sciton® BBL™ Laser treatments offer hair removal for: 

  • Full Legs
  • Lower legs
  • Upper lips 
  • Chin
  • Arms 
  • Face 
  • Back 
  • Underarms
  • Bikini line 

Depending on the skin type and hair removal requirements of each patient, BBL Laser treatments can be tailored to meet their requirements. In a safe, efficient procedure, hair growth can be halted at the root, giving patients confidence in their appearance. 

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Treatment with Sciton® BBL™ is ideal for almost every adult man or woman concerned about the appearance of unwanted hair.

You will see some results as soon as your hair begins to shed. It may take approximately one month after your last laser treatment for the final results to become apparent. In most cases, this occurs after six to nine appointments, each of which will reduce the total amount of hair in the targeted area.


Following a series of BBL™ treatments, it is often possible to permanently reduce hair density. With BBL™ laser hair removal, unwanted hair can be reduced by up to 80% or more. 

The number of BBL™ sessions needed for permanent hair removal will vary based on the patient’s skin type and the amount of hair to be removed.

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